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Restaurant Construction, Retail & Tenant Fit Out, Religious Construction.

Here at Goodfellow Construction, we strive to make your building experience a seamless and one of a kind experience. From our years of expertise and  lifelong backgrounds in construction, we are able to provide our clients with the highest qualities of construction services that fit their unique project style.

Who We Are


Innovative Construction Solutions

Every project has its own unique set of challenges. At Goodfellow Construction we strive to work with our clients to face and meet the various demands of every job, using our collective knowledge to address unknown conditions that may arise during the project.


Professional Team Management

We take pride in the role we play in the Project Team, and as part of that team, we strive for detail oriented sub and trade management, preemptive scheduling, and swift coordination review and collaboration with other Project Team members.


Woman Owned Business

Goodfellow Construction is a minority woman owned business located in the District of Columbia. With over 15 years of experience working in Maryland, DC, and Virginia, Goodfellow Construction is poised to provide thoughtful end to end General Contracting and Construction Project Management services in the retail, restaurant, and hospitality markets.

Meet the Team

Because we believe that the final outcome of any project starts with the Project Team, we truly appreciate your consideration of our firm in the future as part of your Project Team.

Lorena Goodfellow


Born in Colombia, South America, Lorena grew up immersed in the world of construction and architectural design. Her father was an architect, and her mother was an artist with a love for interior design; growing up, Lorena’s parents constructed and designed every house they ever lived in – instilling a deep love for the craft of construction in her since childhood.

Lorena attended University of Maryland where she received a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance. She started a career as a public accountant, while gaining extensive experience with corporate taxation, finance strategies and analysis. Regardless of her success in the finance world, she could not escape her original love for construction and interior design and founded Goodfellow Construction, alongside her husband, Parker, in 2012.

As the head of the company, Lorena has broadened her passions and refined her skills for creating, building, and remodeling spaces. Her expertise and background in finance is also an essential component, to every project and the overall company, as she oversees all aspects of the company’s day to day, economic and planning operations.

Parker Goodfellow


A native of Washington D.C., Parker’s fascination with the built environment started at a young age. Through participation in the Appalachian Service Project, Parker travelled to Appalachia annually starting at the age of 14 to participate in varying construction projects ranging from septic system installation to roofing. Since that time Parker has held all key positions within the industry, from project engineer to estimator to project manager, leading him to a thorough understanding of the processes required for successful projects, teamwork.

Founding Goodfellow Construction, LLC in 2012 with his wife Lorena, Parker brings the team mentality to all aspects of construction. All projects are a clear collaboration, a team effort, yet the most successful projects are those where each team member supports the others. Parker thoroughly reviews and comprehends the project documents and strives to be an advocate for the Owners, ensuring the highest quality control measures and thoughtful planning to ensure projects are delivered to exceed Owners expectation.

Parker’s roles are twofold within the company. First, Parker provides the leadership and direction to all employees from management to field supervision, keeping track of project progress and performance throughout the process. Second, Parker is the touchpoint for all external project team members, from Architects to Owners, ensuring that all team communication flows effectively as well as providing a vested and direct link to Goodfellow Construction.

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